7 Oct 2021

Npower: You Will Not Be Paid If You Do Not Resume At Your PPA

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you fail to resume at your PPA or avoid going to your PPA you will be treated as an absondee and you will be flagged and your payment will be placed on hold.

Therefore if you have signed your PPA and have uploaded your PPA on the N-Power NASIMS portal, you are to resume work immediately lattest after 3 days of endorsing your PPA letter.

Please take your Npower engagement seriously and be deligient you will be monitored, a whole lot of Npower Batch A and B volunteers were having issues with their payments because of their laxity during their tenure in the program, lots of Npower Batch A and B volunteers had their payments held because they do not even report at all to their PPA, some of them were even working in other MDA's that was why majority of them have payment issues.

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