2 Sept 2021

Npower: Your Emails Says Deployed But NASIMS Portal Says Not Deployed, Please Read This

If you are an Npower Batch C applicant and on checking your email your noticed that you have been deployed but on checking your N-Power NASIMS portal you observed that it still displays "not yet deployed", please if you are in this situation, for now go with the information on your N-Power NASIMS portal.

The email sent was not personalised, it was a bulk email sent out and might find its way into an N-Power Batch C applicants mail box, despite not being deployed.

Again, why an N-Power Batch C applicant should go with the information on the NASIMS portal is because it is from the NASIMS portal that the N-Power Batch C applicant will download and print his or her deployment letter, therefore if your portal says "not deployed" then indeed you are not deployed.

All N-Power Batch C applicants are advised to keep checking their NASIMS portal for current updates and also to communicate with the USSD code *45665# to check their deployment status.

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