3 Sept 2021

Npower: Using The USSD You Were Deployed But Not Deployed On NASIMS, Please Read This

If you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and after dialing the USSD code *45665# it brought out your N-Power physical verification center, but on checking the NASIMS portal it still says you have not been deployed, please go with the USSD code that showed your Npower physical verification center, to your N-Power physical verification venue.

Please go to your N-Power physical verification venue at your secreteriat, the reason is because, at the center the N-Power officials have their own list, they will cross check their list to see if an N-Power Batch C applicants name is there.

If the N-Power Batch C applicants name is there then the N-Power Batch C applicant can complete his or her physical verification exercise, at this stage it does not matter whether you saw your N-Power physical verification center through the USSD code or through N-Power NASIMS portal, what matters is that you have been told to go for N-Power physical verification which will take place on the 10th of September.

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