10 Sept 2021

Npower: There Will Be Npower Stream 2 For Both Graduates And Non Graduate Category

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants have been asking if there will be Npower stream 2 for both the Npower Graduate category and non graduate category.

Yes there will be Npower stream 2 for both categories even the Npower stream 1 is not up to the target the Ministry is actually hoping to get, the figure is less than the 500,000 Npower applicants and will be further reduced because it is not all N-Power Batch C applicants that will be able to make it for the N-Power physical verification, those that were unable to make it for the N-Power Batch C1 will be moved to Npower Batch C2 on both categories.

All N-Power Batch C applicants that have not been deployed yet should keep checking their NASIMS portal or use the Npower USSD code *45665# to check their status.

Npower selected applicants are those Npower applicants that did the Npower biometrics, please if you were not sent a message to do the Npower biometrics then you have to exercise patience and wait for the N-Power Batch C2, and please you do not have to go for the N-Power physical verification exercise.

The Npower physical verification exercise are for those Npower Batch C applicants that did the biometrics and saw their Npower physical verification center.

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