4 Sept 2021

Npower: How To Fix Another Person's Picture Appearing Under Your NASIMS Name Profile

If you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and on logging into your Npower NASIMS portal you noticed that all your information are intact but another person's picture is appearing on your profile, please this is a minor issue.

Firstly, log into the N-Power NASIMS portal, go to browser settings and clear browser cache (see attached screenshot).

Secondly log out and log in again into the N-Power NASIMS portal, using your N-Power User ID and password, then edit picture and attempt to upload your picture.

Thirdly try signing out from all open browsing windows not being used at the moment.

Fourthly if after doing all these the situation continues, then contact NASIMS directly through their self service portal and present your issues, when presenting issues to N-Power NASIMS self care portal, an N-Power Batch C applicant has to be brief and go straight to the point, avoid long details.

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