20 Sept 2021

N-Power: You Will Get The " Pass" If Your Physical Verification Is Successful

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants have been asking the question how to determine if they have been physically verified.

Please if you have been physically verified you will receive the pass response on the N-Power NASIMS portal, please with this physical verification pass message, even if you are being told that you are not yet deployed, or you are told to upload your BVN or account data, please I repeat just leave your Npower NASIMS portal as it is.

The reason is because all your information is already on the N-Power NASIMS server, even if some details are not displaying it will not affect your payment, all an N-Power Batch C applicant should be concerned with is uploading the PPA letter to the N-Power NASIMS portal.

As we speak the N-Power NASIMS portal is having some minor technical glitch, all N-Power Batch C Volunteers are advised to keep on trying, as the traffic is a bit congested at the moment.

All N-Power Batch C Volunteers are to resume work latest 4th October.

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