22 Sept 2021

N-Power: Why It Is Not Advisable To Do A Change Of Name

Please do not attempt to do a change of name even if you are married, it might affect your payment.

The reason is because your BVN names have already been validated on the N-Power NASIMS portal, altering it will affect your payment.

In addition to that all your previous documents and particulars on the NASIMS portal already have your previous names and altering or changing your name might flag you for impersonation and this will affect your payment.

Please just leave your name as it is and do not attempt to change it, those having one form of issue or another should check their status using the N-Power NASIMS ussd code *45665# for now.

Please ignore any aspect of issues on your Npower NASIMS portal and concentrate on uploading your PPA letter and completing your Npower physical verification, that is extremely important.

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