13 Sept 2021

N-Power: Is Thumbprinting Required Or Not? Please Read This

Lots of N-Power Batch C applicants have been confused over the N-Power thumb printing as part of the necessary requirements for N-Power physical verification, in some Local Government Areas it was observed that thumbprinting was part of the requirements for N-Power physical verification.

Please if you have completed your Npower physical verification without thumbprinting please you do not have to be bothered.

The N-Power physical verification requirements varies from one local government area to another, some local government areas might require thumbprint while others might not, so it depends on what obtains in an Npower Batch C applicants local government area.

Ideally the N-Power biometrics enrollment fingerprint capture is already in the Npower NASIMS database so even if your local government area does not need thumbprint you do not have to be bothered.

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