19 Sept 2021

N-Power: How To Fix "Too Many Request Received" Error On NPower NASIMS Portal

If after N-Power physical verification you tried to upload your Npower PPA letter, but instead of the N-Power PPA letter uploading smoothly you received the "Too Many Request Received" error prompt.

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C Volunteer and you are facing this issue, please there is no cause to panic or raise any alarm, this is just the N-Power NASIMS server trying to control traffic congestion and web spamming just log out and check back much later and the N-Power PPA letter will be uploaded.

In addition to this if you are also getting the no BVN Data or no account information provided issue, please this is just a temporary glitch on the NASIMS server and it will be resolved soon, I repeat do not alter your BVN details, it is extremely sensitive.

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