16 Sept 2021

N-Power: How To Fix Physical Verification Date Issues On NASIMS

Some N-Power Batch C applicants have been having some issues regarding the date for N-Power physical verification, some N-Power Batch C applicants claim to have seen 29th of September as their date for N-Power physical verification.

Please the N-Power Batch C physical verification exercise will end on the 24th of September, all N-Power Batch C applicants are expected to get physically verified on or before 24th September.

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicants have date of birth issues, please do not attempt to edit your date of birth or BVN, your BVN has nothing to do with your date of birth, what an N-Power Batch C applicant should be concerned about is if his or her names tallies with his or her BVN names.

Please if the names on your Npower NASIMS portal does not match or correspond with your BVN names you will not be paid.

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