28 Sept 2021

N-Power: Do Not Wait Until 4th October Before Uploading Your PPA Letter

Even though all issues regarding NASIMS will be fixed by October 4th, please if you are able to download your PPA letter and you have signed and stamped your PPA letter please proceed to uploading your Npower PPA letter and do not wait till October 4th.

Yes, all issues concerning NASIMS will be resolved on the 4th of October, but please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you do not have any issues simply progress with the next process after completing your physical verification the next process is to print out your Npower PPA letter, take ppa letter to your Npower place of primary assignment then get your PPA letter signed by your supervisor or principal or head master or mistress or departmental Head as the case may be.

Please those having issues such as change in their PPA should use the NASIMS N-Power self service ussd code *45665# to confirm their PPA.

The PPA letter should be uploaded immediately after it has been signed and stamped, please if you are having issues downloading or attaching your PPA letter to NASIMS portal simply clear your browser cache or go directly to the browser app and clear data, alternatively you can use puffin browser for effective browsing and uploading/downloading of your PPA letter.

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