19 Sept 2021

N-Power: All N-Power Volunteers Are To Resume Work On Or Before 4th October To Avoid Issues With Payment

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants have been asking about the exact date for resumption of duty.

Please whether you are NPower Agro, N-Power Teach, Npower Health you are to resume duty on or before 4th October.

Failure to resume at the stipulated date, might result to delay in payment of stipend, all N-Power Batch C Volunteer must ensure their PPA letter is duly signed and stamped, please make sure your PPA letter is stamped, and ensure it is uploaded.

For easy upload you can compress the document to a low size using any of the photo compression application of your choice, if after signing your PPA letter and yet you are having issues uploading it on the N-Power NASIMS portal, just keep trying it, difficulty uploading the N-Power PPA letter is just due to minor network issues.

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