28 Aug 2021

Npower: How To Fix "Too Many Request Received" Issue On NASIMS Portal When Trying To Download PPA Letter

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants have been trying to download their PPA/Deployment letter, but are having issues downloading this important documents.

Please if you are having issues downloading the document it is not from your end rather it is from the NASIMS server which is quite overwhelmed and congested at the moment, please all Npower Batch C applicants should check back much more later.

There is no deadline yet for downloading the PPA letter and NASIMS is aware of the situation, the 3 days resumption starts after you have collected your acceptance letter, what do I mean by this, after going to your PPA and obtaining your acceptance letter lets say on Monday, you are to resume on Wednesday your resumption must not exceed 3 days from the period of receiving your acceptance letter, please take note, the acceptance letter is to uploaded back to the NASIMS portal.


  1. Can one go to the PPA without the PPA letter?

  2. What of does who want to redeploy because of distance...no place to upload the rejection letter..also that letter we are going to ppa with isn't downloading nna...so it's difficult to get an acceptance or rejection