21 Aug 2021

Npower: If You Did Or Did Not Recieve The Profile Update Message, Please Read This

Some Npower Batch C applicants on login into their Npower NASIMS portal a message was displayed,(view screenshot of message below) imploring the Npower Batch C applicant to update his or her profile.

Please if you are an Npower Batch C shortlisted applicant and you receive this message, kindly oblige, by updating your profile, even if you had done it previously.

Once an Npower Batch C applicant uploads his or her documents successfully, the Npower profile update message will no longer be displayed on your Npower NASIMS dashboard.

All Npower Batch C applicants should take note, your names, date of birth, state of origin and local government should not be touched, because they are linked to your BVN.

If you were shortlisted and did not receive the profile update message, it simply means that your Npower NASIMS profile is intact.

Please an Npower Batch C applicant receiving the Npower profile update does not mean that the Npower Batch C applicant has passed the physical verification stage or deployment stage, as most Npower Batch C applicants often claim. 

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