20 Aug 2021

Npower Video Throwback: GEEP Discussed, Date For Disbursement Of N-EXIT Loan Undisclosed

Firstly I would love to take Npower Batch A and B Volunteers to a video (see attached video below) where the Minister For Finance, Budgeting And Planning, plainly stated that Npower Batch A and B would be incorporated into the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP).

GEEP is an initiative by the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide financial inclusion and access to micro-credit for Nigerians at the bottom of the economic pyramid. GEEP aims to provide capital to Npower beneficiaries in an easily accessible way to grow their business and on-board these Npower beneficiaries into the formal financial system through bank accounts, mobile wallets, and formal identities.

Lots of Npower Batch A and B Volunteers have been asking for the exact date for the payment of the N-EXIT loan or N-EXIT package whichever you choose to name it.

Definitely there would be a soft loan given to Npower Batch A and B Volunteers, but the date remains undisclosed.

The Minister For Humanitarian Affairs few months ago, in an interview with Channels TV, spoke about the disbursement of soft loans to be given to exited Npower Batch A and B Volunteers.

Although the Minister For Humanitarian Affairs did not state the date of the disbursement of the Npower N-EXIT loans, but be rest assured that the Ministry is at the concluding stage of the process.

There are some speculations that each Npower volunteer will receive a robust loan depending on the Npower volunteer's business plan/proposal.

Video Source: NTA International

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