21 Oct 2021

NPower: Mobile Money Agents Training Commences

A four-day training programme to establish beneficiaries in Mobile Money transactions has been launched in the Federal Capital Territory and the North Central states.

The training was flagged off on Thursday by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Sadiya Umar Farouq at the International Centre for Women’s Development, Abuja.

The Minister said in her keynote address, that the Federal Government has paid more attention to promoting the plight of the poor and vulnerable in the country which she said informed the decision to initiate the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) as a strategy for enhancing social inclusion.

Minister Umar Farouq also stated that the Mobile Money Agents’ Training Programme is designed to empower unemployed youths and develop their competences to operate as registered mobile money agents.

“The training we are starting today will enable target beneficiaries to meet the minimum technical and business requirements for becoming mobile money agents and enhance their entrepreneurial competences to successfully start and manage mobile money businesses.

“Upon completion of the training, the target beneficiaries will be registered with the Shared Agency Network Expansion Facility (SANEF) as Mobile Money Agents and will be provided with Start-up Kits that include a Point-of-Sale (POS) Machine, Fingerprint Scanner and Furniture (chairs, tables and umbrellas) as well as a modest capital of N20,000.00”.

The Minister also thanked Shared Agent Network Expansion Facilities SANEF for their partnership and contributions to the programme.

“This will enable the registration and onboarding of target beneficiaries upon completion of the training. We also deeply appreciate the support of other stakeholders and their contributions to the realization of Mr. President’s vision to lift Nigerians out of poverty.

“We hope that It will also enhance the integration of NSIP by enabling target beneficiaries to join the network of agents providing financial-related services under other components of NSIP, especially the conditional cash transfer and the grant for vulnerable groups, as well as in the enumeration and enrollment of target beneficiaries”.

The minister later made a symbolic presentation of POS machines, Umbrellas, Finger print scanners, furniture and a twenty thousand Naira starting capital to some of the beneficiaries.

In her goodwill message, the Chief Executive Officer of SANEF Limited Mrs Ronke Kuye thanked the Minister for the partnership, adding that the key objectives of SANEF include Agent Expansion, Stakeholder engagement, Financial Literacy and Awareness. Mrs Kuye stated that the purpose is to empower citizens as an intervention programme and provide jobs and livelihood for citizens.

“This partnership with the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development will act as a strong elixir to further deepen and expand Financial Inclusion through Agent Banking to the underserved and unserved, as well as a last mile distribution to hinterlands hitherto reached. “Our role in providing Financial Literacy Training and Awareness for participants during this programme before they are on-boarded as Agents is vital as this will allow the participants to learn the rudiments and dynamics of what they are about to become a critical part of.

“It is such unique partnerships that resonate as major positives in the drive to bring greater development to our communities and we are proud to be part of this”.

The programme is expected to provide job opportunities for 1,850 youths selected from the 36 States and the FCT as well as promote financial inclusion, by providing financial services to under-served Nigerians.

The Mobile Money Agents Programme was introduced in 2020 to sustain the social inclusion agenda of President Buhari’s Administration, consistent with the President’s vision of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years. In attendance was the National Coordinator, National Social Investment Programmes Dr Umar Bindir, the National Coordinator Conditional Cash Transfer, the NSIP Focal Person for FCT Mrs Chinwendu Amba and other dignitaries.


20 Oct 2021

NPower: Payment Might Commence Between October Ending And Mid November


Lots of Npower Batch C volunteers have been asking the question "when will payment start?"

Please NPower is payment for work done, if you are an N-Power Batch C volunteer and you have done the necessaries, such as uploading your Npower acceptance letter on the N-Power NASIMS portal, and you have successfully been physical verified, then definitely you will be paid hopefully between October and November.

Although NPower management might want to rectify issues bothering on redeployment and BVN validation, and names mismatch, but notwithstanding this is not an excuse for not getting paid.

As long as you have done all the N-Power required documentation and you have commenced work, expect your payment real soon.

Graduate category will be paid a stipend of ₦30,000 while the non graduate category will be paid ₦10,000, although the non graduate category will be at alert for their training without the training you will not be paid.

N-Power Batch C Volunteers awaiting redeployment or having "pending" redeployment on NPower NASIMS portal will be paid backlogs.

19 Oct 2021

Npower: You Will Not Be Paid If You Missed Npower Physical Verification

If you missed the Npower physical verification for whatsoever reasons, you will not be paid, you might be moved to Npower stream 2 to make up the numbers in the deficit, but the chances are slim.

For Npower Batch C applicants that have changed their PPA please wait for the outcome of your redeployment which will be implemented soon, if you are having doubts about your redeployment simply send a detailed complain to redeployment.npower@nasims.gov.ng.

If Npower physical verification have ended in your area please I am sorry there is nothing you can do, try contacting your Npower focal person to include you at the next batch.

Npower physical verification is a prerequisites for payment of your stipend, in addition to reporting to your PPA, please if your PPA have changed please confirm from Npower using the dedicated ussd code and report to your new PPA, ensure to upload your acceptance or rejection letter to your Npower NASIMS portal.

18 Oct 2021

NPower: Batches A And B Make Ready Your Login Details

All N-Power Batches A and B are advised to make ready their login details as information regarding the N-EXIT package might be sooner than expected.

If you have forgotten your password and username start searching for it, because it is a necessary credential for the N-Power N-EXIT package as this will be used to login into the loans portal.

Few months ago the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs revisited the issues surrounding the N-Power Batch A and B and that issue will be resolved very soon.

The breakdown of the N-Power N-EXIT package is still unclear, but their are hints that it will be a soft loan given to all exited N-Power beneficiaries.

17 Oct 2021

NPower: How To Fix "PPA Not Found" Error Message When Uploading Deployment Letter On NASIMS

Please if after uploading your deployment letter on the N-Power NASIMS portal you noticed the error message highlighted in pink saying "PPA not Found", please repeat the process at a later period as this is just a minor technical glitch.

If after trying it later and it continues, then it means your Npower PPA has been changed, all you have to do is check for your new PPA either on the N-Power NASIMS portal or via the ussd code *45665#.

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants' PPA have been changed by NPower unknown to the N-Power Batch C applicants, so please always check for your new PPA, your new PPA is the PPA you are to report to either to be accepted or rejected.

NPower: You Cannot Apply For Redeployment After Your Letter Has Been Ticked Accepted

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and your Npower deployment letter has been ticked accepted and you have started working at your current PPA and you passed the N-Power physical verification, please you cannot apply for redeployment.

The first stage of Npower redeployment is getting rejected at your PPA, except the N-Power Batch C applicant is able to get another blank deployment letter, which the N-Power Batch C applicant can now tender to his or her assigned supervisor.

Once an N-Power Batch C Volunteer starts work and have uploaded his or her acceptance letter to the N-Power NASIMS portal, redeployment at this stage becomes difficult and complicated.

Therefore in order to avoid stories that touch once you have started working continue with where you are, best option is to contact your state N-Power focal person if you changed your mind and decide to redeploy even after commencing work, alternatively you can contact the N-Power redeployment email and forward your situation, please when contacting NPower redeployment email avoid long stories, go straight to the point, because the N-Power management have thousands of requests to attend to.

For N-Power Batch C applicants that noticed a change in their PPA, please report to your current PPA and resume duty there after doing the necessaries.

15 Oct 2021

NPower: Please Use USSD Code To Check Your PPA

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you have successfully completed your Npower physical verification, and you have checked your Npower NASIMS portal and you have not been posted yet, please use the N-Power USSD code *45665# to check your PPA and deployment status.

Do not wait to be posted, as long as you are in N-Power Batch C1 your PPA is available, except you applied for redeployment, and awaiting your redeployment request, if you are not under this category your PPA is available just use the dedicated NPower USSD code to check for your PPA, please if you do not resume work on time you might have payment delays when payment commences.

NPower: You Cannot Change From Non Graduate Category To Graduate Category

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants have been asking if they can upgrade from the N-Power non graduate category to the N-Power graduate category, probably because they applied with SSCE and have just received their ND result or probably they realised that the payment for non graduate NPower category is quite different from Npower graduate category.

Please if you are in this category just continue with your non graduate NPower category, the non graduate category has a whole lot of training that will equip the N-Power Batch C applicants with the requisite skills to develop the N-Power Batch C applicant for entrepreneurship, all N-Power Batch C applicant under the non graduate NPower category will receive devices that will harness and develop their job skill set.

Therefore no NPower category is more superior to the other, all N-Power Batch C applicants under the N-Power non graduate category have been advised to keep checking their email, portal and ussd code to actually get information as regards their training schedule.

14 Oct 2021

Npower: You Will Not Be Paid If You Applied For Redeployment

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you applied for redeployment due to one issue or the other you will not be paid until your redeployment request is met, even if you have done your Npower physical verification you will not be paid until you are cleared and your redeployment request is granted.

The reason is that an N-Power Batch C applicant awaiting redeployment is as good as an Npower Batch C applicant waiting to resume work.

The criterion for payment is just simply uploading your acceptance letter which is ticked accepted and signed by the N-Power assigned supervisor, once this is done then you should be expectant as regards payment.

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you recently applied for redeployment, do not just sit down and fold your hands and relax, no, keep checking your deployment status, and keep sending them email with all your particulars attached to the email and keep checking your email. 

13 Oct 2021

Npower: How To Fix " Upload Your Acceptance Letter" Button On NASIMS

If you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and on trying to upload your Npower PPA letter you noticed that the upload tab is no longer appearing.

Please if you are experiencing this issue simply go to your phone settings and look for the particular browser application under your application list, then click on the browser app and clear data and restart your phone.

If the issue continues, simply update your phone browser and restart your phone and the issue will be resolved.

12 Oct 2021

Npower: Please Repeat Physical Verification Process If Told To Do So

Please if you got a message to repeat the verification process please oblige and follow suit.

The Npower physical verification process shows that you are a bonafide Npower Volunteer, you will not be paid if you fail to complete the Npower physical verification process perfectly.

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants failed the thumb printing process due to impersonation, probably someone thumb printed on your behalf and it did not match.

Please endeavor to do what is right and the right person that did the thumb printing previously should complete the entire process.

11 Oct 2021

Npower: How To Fix Npower PPA Letter Not Downloading Issue

If you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you have done your Npower physical verification but you are having issues downloading your PPA letter, would suggest you try the following below:

1) An Npower Batch C applicant having issues downloading his or her N-Power PPA letter should check his or her Internet connection and ensure that it is in working condition, preferably switch to 4G network or use a high calibre broad band network connection. 

2) An Npower Batch C applicant having PPA letter downloading issues should endeavor to clear internet cache, temporary files, cookies, history, by simply going to the browser settings or using the disk cleanup tool, CCleaner, restart your computer and try again. 

3) An Npower Batch C applicant having PPA letter downloading issues should choose a different download location when downloading the Npower PPA letter.

10 Oct 2021

Npower: What To Do If You Missed Physical Verification

If you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you recently missed the just concluded Npower Batch C physical verification for Npower stream 1 please do not get yourself worried.

Just wait for Npower stream 2 to commence then you simply go to your Npower physical verification center.

All Npower Batch C applicants have been advised to keep checking their status using the Npower USSD code *45665# or use the Npower NASIMS portal to get adequate information and announcements.

Missing the N-Power physical verification at the moment do not mean you have been disqualified, just that your slot is still on hold but definitely you will not be paid until you complete the Npower physical verification during the next batch.